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Nosso Lar
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Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble "Forked Tongue"
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble "Forked Tongue"

New-jazz ensemble combining brass band, New Orleans early jazz, funk, and composed 'new music' ala Carla Bley into a satisfying pastiche! RSE consists of alto sax, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, acoustic bass & two drummers. Imaginative arrangements of traditional tunes and standards and even a 'cover' of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" (that is hilarious, by the way!) make up the lion's share of the album but it is the four original tunes by leader/altoist Ken Field that really shine! Fans of well-played jazz ensemble music as well as world musics and 'roots' jazz will find "Forked Tongue" a really appealing listen.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 July, 2008.
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1 x Shingetsu "Akai Me No Kagami"
1 x Side Steps "Alive"
1 x Simak Dialog "Patahan"
1 x Teru's Symphonia "Clockworked Earth"
1 x Teru's Symphonia "Clockworked Earth"
1 x Abraxas "99"
1 x After Crying "Elso Evtized"
1 x After Crying "Struggle for Life - Live"
1 x After Crying "Struggle for Life - Live"
1 x Ankh "Bedzie Tajemnica"
1 x Azazello "Black Day"
1 x Badirov Project, Vladimir "Greeting From Nostradamus"
1 x Bjork "Volta"
1 x Danubians "Danubians"
1 x Different Strings "It's Only the Beginning"
1 x Horizont "Summer in Town"
1 x Horizont "The Portrait of a Boy"
1 x Iconoclasta "En Concierto"
1 x Iconoclasta "Soliloquio"
1 x Indukti "S.U.S.A.R."
1 x Karfagen "Continium"
1 x Karfagen "The Space Between Us"
1 x 0.720 Aleacion "0.720 Aleacion"
1 x Akineton Retard "Akranania"
1 x Biglione, Victor "Trilhas"
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1 x Mia "Magicos Fuegos del Tiempo"
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1 x Musicante "Sonoridades Mexicanas"
1 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo"
1 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo"
1 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo" (used)
1 x Naranja Mecanica "1993-1995"
1 x Nebbia, Lito "El Vendedor de Promesas"
1 x O Terco "Mudanca de Tempo"
1 x Amarok "Sol De Medianoche"
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1 x Galadriel "Chasing the Dragonfly"
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1 x October Equus "October Equus"
1 x Omni "El Vals de los Duendes"
1 x Omni "Tras El Puente"
1 x Rivendel "The Meaning"
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1 x Stauss, Markus "Echoes"
1 x Stauss, Markus "Neolithicum"
1 x Stauss, Markus "New Duos 'N' Trios"
1 x Stauss, Markus "Open"
1 x Uberfall "So Uferlos Im Abendwind"
1 x Ulterior Lux "Adventures"
1 x Acron
2 x anything else but the truth
2 x Aquarius Age
2 x Blue Sky
1 x Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights, Disc Two
2 x Elemental
2 x Entre Chien et Loup
2 x Gothik Kama Sutra
1 x Hamlet
1 x In The Eyes of Death II
2 x Licht Prakash Light
2 x Lumina Project
2 x Nosso Lar
2 x Pollos d'Granja
2 x Pour l'Amour des Chiens
1 x Present Time
2 x Shattering Blow
1 x Spacetronix
2 x The Clay People
1 x the end of the beginning
1 x Wanderer
1 x Valhalla, vol. 2
3 x Revolutionary Snake Ensemble "Forked Tongue"
1 x Samla Mammas Manna "Dear Mamma"
1 x Various Artists "Tranceforms:The Nerve Events Project"
1 x Elysian Fields "Homage"
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