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Aethellis "Aethellis"
Aethellis "Aethellis"

This CD is by film composer and classical pianist Ellsworth Hall from Timonium, MD. Since receiving a degree in piano performance and film/video production Ellsworth has remained busy scoring music and soundtracks for films, video productions and video games. Since 1976 he has also performed in a series of progressive rock groups (including Tailwind, Sabre and Logos Affinity) as keyboardist and vocalist. He performed all the instruments & vocals on the Aethellis disc and also wrote all of the songs. Musically this is very much in the vein of mid-80s Camel, Alan Parsons' best work or maybe a bit of Kayak. Very tuneful and melodic but with an eye on the prog scene as well. The songs are well-recorded and pleasant to listen to but also have prog sections that would have been right at home on Camel's "Stationary Traveller" or Tony Banks' "A Curious Feeling". Lots of fine piano work & the occassional Banks-like synth lead dominate the keyboard arrangements. The vocals are very pleasing recalling those on many of the Alan Parsons albums or perhaps the singing on the first two Ambrosia albums. He is in the process of recording a second album with a full band which will only serve the music better I should think. This is one of those albums that I was tempted to dismiss on first listening as being too 'pop' or too 'superficial' to be taken seriously. After 2 or 3 listenings the layers started to emerge and the true beauty of the music started to become obvious! This will certainly appeal to those who like some lighter prog records/artists like those mentioned in this review. If you like that sort of thing, then this is a really good one! We look forward to his next.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 03 July, 2008.
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1 x Mahogany Frog "DO5"
1 x Miriodor "Parade + Live at NearFest"
1 x Morse Code "Je Suis le Temps"
1 x Morse Code "Le Marche des Hommes"
7 x 3 Distances / Irregular Signs
5 x Ange "Au dela du Delire"
5 x Atoll "L'Ocean"
2 x Atoll "Rock Puzzle"
6 x bbi "bbi"
1 x Boule, Christian "Photo Musik"
2 x Carpe Diem "Cueille Le Jour"
1 x Clearlight "Visions"
1 x Clearlight Symphony "Forever Blowing Bubbles"
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2 x Heldon "Interface"
1 x Heldon "Stand By"
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1 x Minimum Vital "Au Cercle de Pierre"
1 x Minimum Vital "Sarabandes"
3 x Mix City "On Track"
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1 x Blast "Wire Stitched Ears"
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2 x Lindh, Par "Bilbo" (autographed)
4 x Lindh, Par "Rondo"
1 x Lindh, Par/Bjorn Johansson "Discus Ursi"
1 x Mats & Morgan "Heat Beats/Tourbook"
1 x Mats & Morgan "Trends and Other Diseases"
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2 x Allegri Leprotti "Au zulo"
3 x Area "Are(A)zione"
1 x Area "Caution Radiation Area"
1 x Area "Event '76"
1 x Area "gli dei se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano!"
1 x Area "Parigi - Lisbona"
1 x Area "Tic & Tac"
3 x Arti & Mestieri "First Live In Japan"
1 x Arti & Mestieri "Live 1974-2000"
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1 x Teru's Symphonia "Clockworked Earth"
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8 x After Crying "Elso Evtized"
5 x After Crying "Struggle for Life - Live"
3 x After Crying "Struggle for Life - Live"
1 x Ankh "Bedzie Tajemnica"
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2 x Badirov Project, Vladimir "Greeting From Nostradamus"
4 x Bjork "Volta"
1 x Danubians "Danubians"
4 x Different Strings "It's Only the Beginning"
1 x From.Uz "Audio Diplomacy"
2 x From.Uz "Overlook"
1 x From.Uz "Seventh Story"
1 x Horizont "Summer in Town"
1 x Horizont "The Portrait of a Boy"
1 x Iconoclasta "En Concierto"
1 x Iconoclasta "Soliloquio"
1 x Indukti "S.U.S.A.R."
1 x Karfagen "Continium"
1 x Karfagen "The Space Between Us"
11 x 0.720 Aleacion "0.720 Aleacion"
11 x Akineton Retard "Akranania"
8 x Biglione, Victor "Trilhas"
4 x Blesqi Zatsaz "The Tide Turns"
1 x Caja De Pandora
1 x Delirium "Primer Dialogo"
1 x Fragil "Avenida Larco"
1 x Gismonti, Egberto "Circense"
1 x Hi Fidelity Orchestra
1 x Itibere Orquestra Familia "do Pedra Espia"
1 x Lehmejum
1 x Mia "Magicos Fuegos del Tiempo"
2 x Musica d'Repuesto "aV abuC"
1 x Musicante "Sonoridades Mexicanas"
1 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo"
1 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo"
4 x Mutantes "Ao Vivo" (used)
1 x Naranja Mecanica "1993-1995"
1 x Nebbia, Lito "El Vendedor de Promesas"
1 x O Terco "Mudanca de Tempo"
12 x Amarok "Sol De Medianoche"
7 x Carrion, Alfredo "Alfredo Carrion"
9 x Galadriel "Chasing the Dragonfly"
4 x Miguel Rios "La Huerta Atomica"
2 x October Equus "October Equus"
4 x Omni "El Vals de los Duendes"
1 x Omni "Tras El Puente"
1 x Rivendel "The Meaning"
9 x Circus "Movin' On"
7 x Deyss "Vision in the Dark"
10 x Elysium "Fogdays"
13 x Finnegans Wake "The Bird & the Sky Above"
1 x Giorgio Libera "What's All This Noise For?"
1 x Kurai "Kurai"
4 x Markus Stauss/Francesco Zago "Zauss"
1 x Scythe "Divorced Land"
5 x Spaltklang "Alpenglunhen"
2 x Spaltklang "En Suite"
5 x Spaltklang "Lontano"
1 x Spaltklang "Surprise"
3 x Stauss, Markus "Echoes"
3 x Stauss, Markus "Neolithicum"
1 x Stauss, Markus "New Duos 'N' Trios"
3 x Stauss, Markus "Open"
7 x Uberfall "So Uferlos Im Abendwind"
1 x Ulterior Lux "Adventures"
3 x Acron
5 x anything else but the truth
7 x Aquarius Age
8 x Blue Sky
2 x Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights, Disc Two
4 x Elemental
6 x Entre Chien et Loup
4 x Gothik Kama Sutra
1 x Hamlet
2 x In The Eyes of Death II
5 x Licht Prakash Light
4 x Lumina Project
4 x Nosso Lar
4 x Pollos d'Granja
6 x Pour l'Amour des Chiens
1 x Present Time
7 x Shattering Blow
1 x Spacetronix
7 x The Clay People
1 x the end of the beginning
4 x Wanderer
2 x Valhalla, vol. 2
4 x Spaceship Eyes "Kamarupa"
7 x Thomas Makucevich "Strange Recollections"
8 x G.F. Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill "Echoes of Duneden"
2 x Hackett, Steve "Voyage of the Acolyte"
6 x French TV "Intestinal Fortitude"
2 x Robin Taylor's Universe "X Position, vol.two"
3 x PFM "Per Un Amico"
3 x Pascoal, Hermeto "Montreaux Jazz Festival 1979"
6 x French TV "French TV"
4 x Steve Roach "Storm Surge"
3 x King Crimson "Beat"
2 x Robin Taylor's Universe "Oyster's Apprentice"
3 x Upright "Opinion"
2 x King Crimson "Larks Tongues In Aspic"
3 x Malibran "The Wood of Tales"
3 x NDIO "Airback"`
2 x King Crimson "In the Court of the Crimson King"
3 x "The Art & Music of John Lennon"
3 x Robin Taylor's Universe "Family Shot"
3 x Doubt "Never Pet a Burning Dog"
3 x Verdeaux, Cyrille "Inner Peace Concerto"
3 x Sintesis "En Busca De Una Nueva Flor"
3 x Ian Parry "Consortium Project" (autographed)
3 x PFM "Photos of Ghosts"
3 x Yugen "Labirinto d'Acqua"
3 x Projeto B "a noite"
8 x Kevin Ayers "What More Can I Say"
2 x Robin Taylor's Universe "X Position, vol. one"
3 x Pablo El Enterrador "Pablo El Enterrador"
3 x Dreadnaught "Musica En Flagrante"
2 x King Crimson "Islands"
4 x Mike Osborne "Force of Nature"
4 x Robin Taylor's Universe "File Under Extreme"
3 x Various Artists "Prog Fest '95"
3 x Attention Deficit "The Idiot King"
3 x King Crimson "In the Court of the Crimson King"
7 x Ken Hyder's Talisker "Dreaming of Glenisla"
2 x King Crimson "Arlington, TX 1973"
4 x "Storia Di Un Minuto"
2 x Robin Taylor's Universe "Samplicity"
3 x King Crimson "B'Boom"
3 x Miller, Harry/ISIPINGO "Which Way Now"
2 x Elysian Fields "Homage"
6 x Various Artists "Prog Day 2001"
8 x French TV "I Forgive You For All My Unhappiness"
2 x Johnson Trio, Richard Leo "Poetry of Appliance"
3 x "The Brass LIzard"
4 x King Crimson "Cirkus"
3 x Deluge Grander "The Form of the Good"
4 x Various Artists "Tokyo Symphonic Syndrome"
3 x Djam Karet "A Night For Baku"
2 x King Crimson "Red"
5 x Fiocchi, John "Lighthouse Summer"
4 x Robin Taylor's Universe "On-Plugged in Elsinore"
3 x Radio Piece III "Tesseract & Monuments"
3 x Talisma "Corpus"
3 x D'Arcana "D'Arcana"
3 x Robin Taylor's Universe "Once Again"
3 x Big Elf "Closer To Doom" (autographed)
2 x King Crimson "Thrak"
3 x Verdeaux, Cyrille "Flowers From Heaven"
3 x Ghost "When You're Dead - One Second"
2 x King Crimson "Starless & Bible Black"
2 x "The Progressive Rock Files"
2 x Various "Gospel for J.F.P.III (a tribute to Jaco Pastorius)
2 x Frogg Cafe "Bateless Edge"
2 x IQ "The Lost Attic"
1 x Church of Hed "Church of Hed"
2 x Cartwright, George "The Memphis Years"
2 x Jethro Tull "Aqualung Live"
2 x Various Artists "156 Strings"
4 x Thomas Makucevich "Venus Eye Dolphin and The Garden of Shadows"
4 x Dave Kulju "Notes In The Margin"
4 x Thomas Makucevich "Nefitef"
3 x Yoke Shire "Awakening Celtic Spirits"
4 x Thomas Makucevich "Computer Tunes"
2 x Various Artists "Molecule"
1 x Various Artists "Revenge of the Orange"
2 x Frogg Cafe "Frogg Cafe "
1 x Various Artists "Supper's Ready"
2 x Bolt "Circadian Rhythm"
2 x Various Artists "Thousand Days of Yesterdays"
1 x Steve Miller Trio "Meets Elton Dean"
2 x Nathan Mahl "Live at Nearfest 1999"
1 x Various Artists "Tranceforms:The Nerve Events Project"
1 x Frogg Cafe "Fortunate Observer of Time"
1 x Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell (Humi) "Dune"
1 x Sacka "Lontano nel tempo(se possibile)"
1 x Soft Machine Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971"
1 x Mastermind "Angels of the Apocalypse" (autographed)
1 x French TV "Pardon Our French!"
1 x Asia "Astra"
1 x Chakra "Chakra"
1 x Jake Hertzog "Patterns"
1 x Marc Wagnon "Earth Is a Cruel Master"
1 x Bolt "Movement and Detail"
1 x Marc Wagnon "Shadowlines"
1 x Herman's Hermits "Both Sides Of"
1 x Focus "Mother Focus"
1 x Fluttreffect "Marking Time"
1 x Boris Savoldelli. Elliot Sharp "Protoplasmic"
1 x Fluttreffect "Trithemis Festiva"
1 x Cerebus Effect "Acts of Deception"
1 x Mastermind "Volume Two: Brainstorm"
3 x Priam "Diffraction"
1 x Ut Gret "Time of the Grets"
1 x The Nice "BBC Complete Broadcast Tapes"
1 x Dave Kulju "Abstract Expression"
2 x Mastermind "Volume One"
2 x Lindh, Par "Gothic Impressions" (autographed)
2 x Morris Pert "The Music of Stars"
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